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Custom Personalized Modern Metal Silhouette Keepsake

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Beautiful, detailed, custom steel cut silhouette.

These silhouettes are are a perfect way to freeze your child, pet, or moment in time. So often I found myself wanting to do that, so I crafted these for myself then knew I needed to share them with others.

Using your phone, snap a side profile picture of your child and send it after purchase. If you have an existing photo in mind, I am more than happy to see if I can work with it, I have done so successfully a few times already. My goal is to get the most accurate silhouette possible and I will happily send a proof before cutting. If you are unhappy with anything, I will fix any issues and send another proof. I know how important it is to perfectly capture your child. I will not send out anything that I wouldn't be happy receiving. Each piece is made to order and I spend as much time necessary to capture each little detail that makes your child, pet, or image special.

The price is for a raw, unfinished, product. It is metal, so it will eventually rust without at least a clear coat.

Want a different size? Feel free to message me for a quote!

• cut, smoothed, and painted by me

• cut from 14 gauge, cold rolled, carbon steel

• 3 sizes to choose from

• other framing shapes available. I can do triangle, circle, oval, or square